The common goal of CESA members, friends, supporters and partners is to create a stable esports environment with firm rules, a stable membership base and to ensure that esports are respected and officially recognized by all professionals and the general public in the same way as all other sports.


  • We allow everyone, without distinction, to take part in esports events.
  • We promote strict adherence to ethical, procedural and fair play principles.
  • We provide a direct link between the public administration and the esports community at large.
  • With the aid of educational and research activities, we provide our members and the general public with objective information about what is happening in esports.
  • We create a stable, ethical and fair play esports environment for everyone.


The mission of our association, the basic ethical and sporting principles of behavior of our members and supporters are described in the CESA Code.



Involvement of members in the work of the Association in emerging professional teams (events, development of players, teams and rules, educational and research activities, etc.).

We are setting up the Association’s internal processes, including e-registration directly on the CESA website.

We are forming partnerships with state representatives and national institutions.

We are creating a partner ecosystem that will allow us to create a financial and material resources for future representatives of the Czech Republic.


Anybody who wants to join or is already active in esports can be a CESA member, including players, coaches, managers, referees, teams or organizers. CESA members actively fulfill the CODE and the mission of CESA.

Please contact us by email until we launch e-registration on our website.

All who are interested in esports and who care about fair play and stability this field are welcome to join, regardless of age, gender, religion or nationality. We are proud of our accomplishments and hope no individual is ever ashamed of being or wanting to become a player and engaging in esports activities.